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Day 8 - Everybody knows this is Dan Horrigan's Town - The Road To Mayor

June 16, 2015


OK. Politics is weird. It's only taken me eight days to figure that out. By day 16 I should be really tripped out.

Talk to an insider and they will tell you one thing: Dan Horrigan is going to win.

He will get hundreds of thousands of dollars to spend any way he wants to convince what will probably be about 20,000 people to vote for him on September 8 in the mayoral primary. Keep in mind that there are about 200,000 people living in Akron. Every indication I've seen is that about 20,000 people will show up for this election. 

What they're saying is: the people will vote for who we tell them to vote for.

That's depressing.

There are definitely people around town that feel a similar way. They won't vote because "it won't matter."

But I'm here to tell you something: If there is ever a time when your vote could change things it's in a local primary election like this. 

You don't have to vote for Dan Horrigan. I mean, you can vote for Dan Horrigan. But you probably should see what his plans for the city are first. Right?

The only thing I've seen of his online so far is his Facebook page: Daniel Horrigan. But he hasn't updated it since January 29. He'll probably layout out his plans soon. I'm looking forward to checking them out.

This is how the votes could work. Let's say there are 4 candidates. We'll use Avengers characters for this scenario

  • Iron Man
  • Thor
  • Captain America
  • Black Widow

Everybody knows that Iron Man has the most money. He can flood the race with ridiculous money. 

But with 4 candidates he's not going to get 50%. Let's say he gets 29% of the votes.

Captain America really wants it. But he just lives with the government (I mean do Avengers get a salary?). He has to scrape government pension money together to make this work. He gets 24%. Iron Man would have gotten more votes it it weren't for Captain America.

Thor sort of wants it but knows he can't win. He gets 16%.

Black Widow, however, is a new kind of awesome. I mean she can tame Hulk. She's super bad ass. And she represents how amazingly powerful women can be. She surprises everybody with 31%. Black Widow wins!

31% is 6200 people. Tell me that's not possible.

Black Widow totally can win. She especially can win in a 4 person race with a small number of people running.

And that's the truth of the matter. What the powers to be don't understand is how technology has changed everything. Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are the new political parties. We aren't controlled by who tells us will be our next mayor. Like never before, we can unite and make our own decisions for who should be our elected officials.

Black Widow can win!





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