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Day 83 - Mayoral Available Funds - On The Road To Mayor

August 31, 2015

The Akron mayoral candidates in the primary race needed to submit their financial information last week.

I'll be talking about this in greater detail over the next few days.

But today I just wanted to show you the top line numbers. How much money each candidate has been given so far in the race.

  • Dan Horrigan: $219,551.68
  • Frank Comunale (who dropped out but will still be on the ballot): $102,200.97
  • Mike Williams: $36,632.02
  • Eddie Sipplen: $3,880.00

Here's a nice graph to put it in perspective:

Mayoral Money   Google Sheets

The guy who had the second biggest pot of money dropped out because he didn't think he had a shot.

As much as I hate to admit this, Dan Horrigan will win this primary on September 8 in a landslide.

And it's not because people are inspired by Dan's great leadership, his vision for a bright new 21st century Akron. He will win because he has a shit ton of money.

In this country we sometimes forget the fact that it is 1 person 1 vote. It is not 1 dollar 1 vote.

But that's what we have in Akron. Your vote doesn't count, just your money.

I've linked to the full financial documents directly here:

Paid For By The People for Sage Lewis

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