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Dismazed and Driven: My Look at Family Homelessness in America by Diane Nilan

January 5, 2021

Telling stories is how humans learn best. I'm so thankful Diane Nilan has created this memoir:

Dismazed and Driven Memoir - Diane shares stories from her 15 years on America's backroads as she chronicled family homelessness. Living full-time in a small van, her solo travel to non-urban locales included adventures and unforgettable encounters. 

Dismazed & Driven - HEAR US: Voice and Visibility for Homeless Children and Youth

After decades working with homeless families and adults, Diane Nilan hit the road in 2005 to chronicle stories of invisible families and youth experiencing homelessness in non-urban areas across America.  For the past fifteen years, crisscrossing the country in her small van, she filmed scores of interviews of parents and kids. Each was invited to share views on homelessness and the importance of school. In this memoir, Nilan introduces us to people she met, helping us to understand their backstories. And we get to meet this tenacious, caring, prophetic woman who won't let us look away from children and families in need of stability and grace.

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