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Akron City Council Votes To Resume Shutting Off Your Water

January 5, 2021

Remember this when the city comes to shut off your water and your children ask why they can't get a drink of water and then the city comes to evict you become you have no water.

Mike Freeman, Brad McKitrick and Sharon L. Connor  did this to you.

They voted to shut off your water because they believe not shutting off your water hurts you. Literally that's what they said.

This is all lead by the corporate Democrat pig City of Akron, Ohio - Mayor's Office Dan Horrigan.

The hatred and disdain for poor people is real. And they don't care one fucking bit that by turning off your water they are instantly creating the most brutal third world catastrophe imaginable. Running water and trash service (which is also ended when they shut off your water because they are the same bill) are the foundations of modern civilization.  And they happily steal it from people they hate...POOR PEOPLE.

You know you can sell water for drugs in Akron, right?


Akron lawmakers initially reject moratorium on water shutoffs.

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