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It Never Matters That People Are Freezing To Death On The Streets of The Richest Country In The World

January 4, 2021

I've been following this story since it began.

Basically, an activist group occupied a hotel and put homeless people in it. Some with chronic illnesses. Some with Covid.

And then what happened next is what always happens: The activists were shut down, no real solutions were created. And the only actual solution that came out if this is that police will know how to shut it down MUCH faster next time:

Motel standoff ends in eviction for homeless activists - CBS News

Fife police also said in the statement: "Procedures have now been put in place to ensure that if something like this were to occur in the future, it would be met with swift and certain actions reaffirming the position that Fife is not a city that is welcoming to criminals or people engaging in criminal activity, no matter how noble or important the underlying cause."

As someone who has been a direct action activist for year fighting for the humanitarian rights of homeless people: I can tell you without ANY hesitation: the system will stop any and all solutions for actual problems in society:

  • school shootings
  • police murdering innocent people
  • homeless people freezing to death on the streets of the richest country in the world.

Maintaining the status quo is ALWAYS more important than saving the life of someone who has been tragically murdered or victimized.  NEVER believe that the system of America wants to help its people. The people are nothing more than a necessary evil that stands in the way of the powerful maintaining and becoming more powerful. 

Please never forget that quote from the article above:  "no matter how noble or important the underlying cause." 

That is the absolute truth of America. No one matters. Only the system matters.

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