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Finding Your Path

May 2, 2020

I consider myself a searcher.

I also consider my time here on Earth as that of a tourist. A person who is on an all inclusive cruise getting to taste some of the sights and sounds of Earth. Considering that our planet is 4.543 billion years old, my 100 years (if I'm lucky) is not even a blip on the radar.

Yet I get the opportunity to leave signs of my existence. Like graffiti on a cave wall that we humans have always seemed to love to do.

This blog is that kind of graffiti. Though I would be surprised if it would be archived long enough for my grandchildren to see, much less the millennia of existence of cave paintings or pyramids. It truly makes me wonder which society was the smarter one.

Even though my time is nearly infinitely small, I feel more than a tourist. I like to think of myself as that of a traveler. The distinction between tourist and traveler is small. But it helps me navigate my existence.

Indiana Jones is a traveller. My grandparents on a cruise ship are tourists.

And that leads me to the idea of what the hell it is we are all doing on this planet. How much of any of our lives live up to the lives of our fictional characters? Luke Skywalker, Neo from the Matrix, The Godfather... Good or bad, our fantasy humans are LIVING their lives while we all slink back to our keyboards and our service sector jobs that don't even pay a livable wage.

Why do we "choose" to live like this?

Is it because life is so precious? That our only goal is to live as long as we possibly can with the least amount of stress and difficulty?

"I just want to be comfortable," is a phrase I've heard many young people tell me that have applied for jobs with me. It's like they consider their entire existence a continual kind of terminal illness. "Just make me comfortable, Doc."

I guess it's just fear. As a species we are top of the line, apex predators. But individually we are scared little mice. The mouse species is strong. The singular mouse is weak. I get it.

Ultimately, I believe you can't live your life wrong. The way you live is the way you are meant to live. It's fine.

But I guess this message is for the people that are ready to wake up to their true life. It's time to snap out of it. This is your alarm going off. You aren't in the Matrix any more. Now you're in the real world.

Get out there and start living your life.

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