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Help. My daughter is homeless

February 2, 2022

A dad just asked me how he can help his homeless daughter. If you know anyone going through this, you might share this with them. He told me his daughter was trying to get on disability.

Hi. It's nice to hear from you. I'm sorry you are going through this. Your daughter is lucky to have you.

The wheels of the system move very slow, if at all. So, if you or a group of people are able to help, the situation needs triaged. You want to try to get her safe while keeping you and the rest of your family safe.

Safety for her is going to include shelter and warmth. And there is a spectrum of these things. The best situation is a dry structure with electricity. A garage or shed is excellent. But a cheap tent from Walmart covered with a tarp and a bunch of blankets or a good sleeping bag will be fine.

From there then you can work on getting her birth certificate, id and social security, the disability money, and then housing through the programs in your area.

The balance is always keeping yourself emotionally and physically safe while helping keep her safe. If it becomes too much you absolutely have the right to back off and take a break. You can come back to help her if you feel up for it later.

The longer she is homeless, the longer this process typically takes. There will likely be setback and frustrations. I'm sure you've already experienced many already.

Thank you for reaching out and asking how to help your daughter. That's wonderful.

Take care.

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