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Stoney Pointe Commons in Akron Ohio Has Rats

February 1, 2022

Funny story...

City of Akron, Ohio - Mayor, Dan Horrigan, and Keith Stahl, Director of Operations and Residential Services at Community Support Services, fought tooth and nail to close down our tent village (which they did).

One reason was that they had just built Stoney Pointe Commons - an $11.3 million for the 68-unit complex built in 2018 for housing homeless and disabled people. (They wouldn't want people to choose to live in tents when they just built a super fancy complex where each unit cost $166,176 to build when houses were averaging $80,000 at the time.)

Well... it turns out Stoney Pointe Commons is infested with rodents and people are moving back into their cars and the woods because the rodent shit is making them sick.

Tiny houses and tents eliminate the congregate issue of rats, mice, rodents and bed bugs.

Additionally, based on a review at they are also assholes:

The Akron Beacon Journal has an in-depth article on Stoney Pointe Commons here:
Tenant confronts Akron housing complex over rodents, illness

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