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Homeless News – April 22, 2021 – All Skid Row Unhoused Residents MUST Be Housed in 180 Days

Auburn council OKs ‘tough love’ ordinance for homeless who repeatedly refuse help offers | KATU

AUBURN, Wash. — Auburn City Council members voted Monday evening to adopt a so-called “tough love” ordinance that would allow police to issue criminal trespass citations and impose fines on homeless people who repeatedly refuse offers of shelter or services from the city that could help get them off the streets.

Oregon lawmakers approve measure to increase notice before sweeping homeless camps – OPB

Oregon lawmakers in the House approved a measure Monday to increase the amount of time people who are unhoused receive before being forced to move. The measure, House Bill 3124, would require notice be posted at the entrance and exit of a homeless encampment for 72 hours before sweeping the area.

Lived Experience Coalition Says No One Asked Them About Homelessness Initiative | South Seattle Emerald

LEC members said they don’t support the initiative because it focuses too much on removing encampments and not enough on actually funding and building the housing that would enable people to move inside.

Judge orders LA to offer shelter for homeless on Skid Row |

LOS ANGELES (AP) — A federal judge overseeing a sweeping lawsuit about homelessness in Los Angeles on Tuesday ordered the city and county to find shelter for all unhoused residents of Skid Row within 180 days and audit any spending related to the out-of-control crisis of people living on the streets.

“Carter is able to put together a history of racist and discriminatory policies and connect them to the policy failures of today. It shows the culpability of the city and county of LA for decades. Now they have to make it right,” Conway said Tuesday.

The Alarming Absence of Accountability in the Homelessness System

Welcome to the world of homelessness, where accountability no longer exists and is now considered a barrier to helping the homeless. A lack of accountability in a system often has a snowball effect, spilling over into other parts. In this case, it certainly has.

Salvation Army receives ‘MASH’ unit, tool for homeless community outreach

The tricycle carries a temperature controlled box, making it easy to ride through the city distributing food and other items to the homeless. The Salvation Army says using this will make the homeless more comfortable, as oftentimes approaching them in a car or large vehicle is very intimidating. “It’s really about meeting them where they are,” explained Major Ernst Hull, Salvation Army of Amarillo’s commanding officer. “This is a critical piece of the puzzle. I think it will be definitely less intimidating than coming in a big vehicle. We’re coming to them in a personal way…can’t get much more personal than riding up on a bicycle.”