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Learning True Compassion and Empathy

April 26, 2021

It is currently popular for white liberals to learn and repeat words of solidarity with black people and people of color. Meanwhile, their actions change very little. Our organizations are still lead by mostly white people.

And furthermore, we haven't learned the deeper message. That ALL people outside our in-group deserve our respect and empathy. Just ask them how they feel about rural conservative Christians. "Well, THEY are different. THEY are bad people. THEY don't deserve our respect."

And worst of all, solidarity with black people is just a fad. It's just what you do right now. Black people have been getting murdered by police since the beginning of America. It took the largest protests in the history of America to get white liberals of the 21st century to take notice. I know it did for me.

You don't learn transformative empathy and compassion and love by following the masses into politically correct zoom webinars. You learn real transformation by following your own heart and head to the dark places within yourself. Find who YOU hate, who YOU judge and practice compassion and understanding with them. That's how you transform yourself which is what the real learning opportunity here is all about.

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