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  • The Meaning of Life

    The Meaning of Life



    I’ve come to believe that all of this is just a physical construct for a spiritual journey. A possible reality is that you are the only conscious being in the entire universe and everything and everyone else is just a fantasy you have created. Whether that is true or not doesn’t matter. There is only…

  • Men




    I was speaking with a powerful/super-smart/highly-educated woman yesterday who said something along the lines that men are natural-born colonizing murderers and we need to figure out a way to help them use those tendencies in a positive way. I see this murderous, colonizing instinct in inner-city Black drug dealers as much as I see it…

  • My sister-in-law

    My sister-in-law



    My sister-in-law lives in North Canton and works in Cleveland. She drives that every day and has done so for decades. She now stops off at least once a week to make dinner and visit with her mother-in-law. Last night she grilled out for her. I often hear you say such kind and nice things…

  • My Dark Side

    My Dark Side

    My very enlightened friend, Holly White , likes to say that I look like Emperor Palpatine from Star Wars when I wear my hood like this. She always says it with a small smile. There is no doubt, the Dark Side is within me and it’s strong. In fact, I can feel it grow as…



    I am now of the belief that this entire thing. This earth. This universe. It’s all a construct built for us each to individually practice becoming better. And better means finding understanding and compassion for all other things. The very first step in our practice is letting go of judging. Judgment is the creation of…

  • My Christmas Eve Spiritual Conversion

    My Christmas Eve Spiritual Conversion



    I had a spiritual conversion on Christmas Eve night. I truly feel changed. And it was because of YOU. You and your outpouring of goodness and kindness. All of you that came to see me on Christmas Eve night as I slept out to raise awareness for homeless pregnant women, just like Mary was, CHANGED…

  • The Terrible Gift of Addicts

    The Terrible Gift of Addicts

    Drug addicts, like all those who suffer, are the terrible gift. An addict gives you the gift of recognizing your own addictions. Of seeing yourself in the life of an opiate addict. To understand that we are all addicts of dogmatic thoughts and actions that ultimately hurt ourselves and those around us. To recognize actions…

  • Learning True Compassion and Empathy

    Learning True Compassion and Empathy

    It is currently popular for white liberals to learn and repeat words of solidarity with black people and people of color. Meanwhile, their actions change very little. Our organizations are still lead by mostly white people. And furthermore, we haven’t learned the deeper message. That ALL people outside our in-group deserve our respect and empathy.…

  • Why we are here

    Why we are here



    I am more and more convinced the energy of the universe has been channeled into our human form and consciousness to go on a mission. The mission is to alleviate suffering in others which ultimately alleviates the suffering in ourselves. There is no end. Suffering is eternal. There is no winning the game. The game…

  • Amber Evans Deserves To Be Remembered Here In Akron

    Amber Evans Deserves To Be Remembered Here In Akron

    Amber Evans deserves to be remembered for many reasons particularly with her connections to Akron, Summit County, Kent State and Ohio State. She killed herself because she was exhausted from The Fight. I know the feeling. Maybe you do too. We must remember: the war never ends. Here on Earth, love and hate are in…

  • Life is contradiction.

    Life is contradiction.

    The ultimate contradiction is that life is both creation and destruction.Poverty will always exist and that is why we must always work to destroy poverty.Corruption will always exist and that is why we must always fight to destroy corruption.Evil will always exist and that is why we must always fight to destroy evil. This is…

  • All Possible Paths Exist

    All Possible Paths Exist



    If it is possible by the laws of physics, it has happened. All of it. This isn’t some woowoo mumbo jumbo. This is the theory of the multiverse. Anything I say after this point is belief and not science. I believe we have free will. You could spend the entire day standing up and sitting…

  • What happens when we die?

    What happens when we die?



    The average 150 lb adult human body contains approximately 7×10tothe27 atoms and contains at least detectable traces of 60 chemical elements. About 29 of these elements are thought to play an active positive role in life and health in humans. Our Hydrogen was made at the very first instant of the universe in the Big…

  • Get on the spectrum of voluntary poverty

    Get on the spectrum of voluntary poverty

    We in America have been so indoctrinated into the cult of Capitalism that an alternative economic philosophy seems like pure and total madness. I am not a Communist. Not that I have anything against the communist movement. I’m not afraid of Communism as the big and mighty U.S. of A. seems to be. I just…

  • The Church Has Always Abandoned The Poor

    The Church Has Always Abandoned The Poor

    “If religion has so neglected the needs of the poor and of the great mass of workers and permitted them to live in the most horrible destitution while comforting them with the solace of a promise of a life after death when all tears shall be wiped away, then that religion is suspect.” This was…

  • Peter Maurin

    Peter Maurin

    I believe that so many of our troubles can be traced back to the fact that our history, the people’s history, is stolen from us by the government. They write the history books. You need to know that there was, and still is, something called the Catholic Workers Movement. It was started by 2 people.…

  • The Alarm Sounded

    The Alarm Sounded

    When the alarm sounded and a pregnant 20 year old woman needed help… Did the Continuum Care help? Did Access Shelter for women help? Did the battered Women’s shelter help? Did the Haven of Rest Help? Did the government help? Did one single FUCKING church help? No. I literally BEGGED for help and every organization…



    The Battered Women’s Shelter in Akron has an ENTIRE floor in their spiffy new building that has never been opened to shelter people. They own an entire apartment building that sits empty. They tore down a house designated as a shelter (no easy feat to get “shelter” status.) I wish I could say they are…

  • How To Properly Steal Food

    How To Properly Steal Food

    Have you been reading these stories on how food stealing is on the rise? Here are a few: Stealing to survive: More Americans are shoplifting food as aid runs out in the pandemic | The Seattle Times Shoplifting Spikes In U.S. Amid Increasing Desperation As Pandemic Drags On The devastating reason food shoplifting is on…

  • WAKE UP!

    WAKE UP!


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    This is an article written by an 8th grader. Raja writes: “To be a leader you do not need to be perfect, it does not matter where you are from, what your gender is. All that matters is that you act. Raising awareness, cleaning up trash, finding sustainable ways to live, cleaning up the oceans…

  • Dorothy Day’s Baptism of Her Daughter, Tamar

    Dorothy Day’s Baptism of Her Daughter, Tamar



    My feelings of this moment in the biography, “Dorothy Day: Dissenting Voice of the American Century” by John Loughery, Blythe Randolph, were interesting enough to record. “The baptism of Tamar Teresa Batterham took place in July 1927 at Our Lady Help of Christians.” This was a major transformative moment for Dorothy. She clearly was evolving…

  • The Dark Night Of The Soul.

    The Dark Night Of The Soul.

    THIS is something we need to discuss in greater detail. There is a profound understanding our houseless neighbors have of the power of the Irrational, of a total annihilation, of the darkest depression… That rebirths them, bloody and in anguish, into a relationship with God that most of us could never possibly grasp. Where all…

  • The Needle

    The Needle

    I knew who threw this rig on the ground. I was angry at him. But I thought he broke the needle off so I was mixed emotionally about it. But I was wrong. I pulled the orange cap off and the needle was still fully intact. I broke off the needle on the ground, put…

  • Why do you care about people?

    Why do you care about people?

    I’m growing to hate larger and larger swaths of people. People that are irate for having to wear a mask even though there is a good chance it would protect our elderly and sick from dying. People that will blindly stand with police even though we can all clearly see that police are getting away…

  • Sex Cults

    Sex Cults

    Do you ever fantasize about running a sex cult? I used to think EVERYBODY wanted to be the things I’d imagine being: CIA Agent Art thief Drug dealer Homeless tent village operator It doesn’t take many anecdotal surveys to realize most people have no interest in any of those things. 2020 has taught us many…

  • God According To Sage

    God According To Sage

    Honestly, I wish I wasn’t writing this now. I have “more important” things to discuss with you than God right now. (Homelessness, Black Lives Matter and overall governmental and systemic torture and murder and oppression of people.) But if I don’t jot these ideas down now they will fade from memory. And I’d like to…

  • Do The Right Thing

    Do The Right Thing

    Do the lessons of the world yell at you like they yell at me? I worked at Perkins restaurant washing dishes when I was 14. The manager said I was doing too much. I played the trombone. I played the cello and I was in choir. He said I needed to quit something. I was…

  • The Force Is In All of Us

    The Force Is In All of Us



    I now believe that religion is nothing more than a tool. It is a tool to help guide your life. A religion is a tool that helps you connect ever so slightly with the “All”. I believe in nearly everything: heaven, hell, reincarnation, nothing, afterlife. It’s all true. And because it’s all true, none of…

  • #22 – Be yourself no matter what ANYONE tells you.

    #22 – Be yourself no matter what ANYONE tells you.

    Here it is in audio format: [buzzsprout episode=’2411237′ player=’true’] You watch it in video format here:  

  • The Great Calling

    The Great Calling



    I am repeatedly pulled in by Catholic thinkers. Thomas Merton Richard Rohr Dorothy Day And there are others that I haven’t gotten to yet simply because I’m so taken by these 3. Their connections with God are mystical and deeply spiritual. Our Protestant friends are a little too structured and rules-based for my free-spirited mind.…