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The Alarm Sounded

December 15, 2020

When the alarm sounded and a pregnant 20 year old woman needed help...

Did the Continuum Care help?

Did Access Shelter for women help?

Did the battered Women's shelter help?

Did the Haven of Rest Help?

Did the government help?

Did one single FUCKING church help?


I literally BEGGED for help and every organization turned me down. She has a boyfriend and cats and uses drugs. So she isn't the "right" kind of person they help.

But you helped.

You bought her food.

You bought her medication because the incision of her C-Section became infect after receiving 4 transfusions of blood.

You bought her a motel at least until this coming Saturday. (She is going to the doctor on Thursday to see if her incision can be stitched up again after allowing it to drain as an open wound.)

You will look after her as she goes back into the woods with no running water, no electricity, no toilet.

You will make sure she stays warm.

You will make sure she has food.

You will do the right thing when all the organizations that are supposed to be helping her look the other way and blame her for the position she is in.

You are the hero we need.

You are better than all of us deserve.

You are the embodiment of Jesus and the Buddha and Gandhi.

I am continually and simultaneously filled with hate and love, with pessimism and hope, with doubt and belief.

You are what makes me have love, hope and belief.

Thank you for your never ending kindness and compassion and non-judgmental love.

Paid For By The People for Sage Lewis

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