Sage Against The Machine


I am now of the belief that this entire thing. This earth. This universe. It’s all a construct built for us each to individually practice becoming better. And better means finding understanding and compassion for all other things.

The very first step in our practice is letting go of judging. Judgment is the creation of suffering. When you judge other people you are hurting them. We are not here to fix other people. We are here only to fix ourselves.

The first step of this first step is to realize when you are judging people. I just had this awakening that I was doing this, this morning.

I am very much a libertarian. Your body. Your choice.

So when it comes to drugs, I could not care less what you do. Boof. Shoot. Snort. Smoke. Enjoy yourself. And I’ll even help you when your drug fun turns into an addiction that starts to ruin your life. (I was right there with you.)

But I just realized that I’m a judger of hoarding. Hoarding really bothers me. I have homeless friends that are obsessed with their personal belongings. And they have a ton of them scattered all over the city. I couldn’t understand why they are so obsessed with all this junk when they have much bigger issues.

And there it was. WHO AM I TO JUDGE? This is an area where I need to practice compassion and forgiving. I don’t have to help them with their belongings, if I don’t want. But at least I can not lecture them and chastise them.

We ALL have work to do. That’s why I am in such belief that this is nothing more than a massive opportunity to grow and evolve as individuals.