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August 10, 2022

I was speaking with a powerful/super-smart/highly-educated woman yesterday who said something along the lines that men are natural-born colonizing murderers and we need to figure out a way to help them use those tendencies in a positive way.

I see this murderous, colonizing instinct in inner-city Black drug dealers as much as I see it in a guy like Donald Trump. I don’t believe this ”conquer-drive” is just relegated to White men. I think it’s within Men in general.

But what I loved about her statement was how advanced and enlightened it was. It wasn’t coming from a place of disdain and hate. It was coming from a place of understanding. “How can we work with men to find a place in society for them so that their skills are celebrated and utilized in a way that is good for all of society?”

I’m seeing this desire for understanding with many types of people these days in the more progressive thinking areas of society: LGBTQIA people, addicted people, homeless people, and even now with Christian people, and conservative people.

This is where we all need to be heading in our spiritual journey. You don’t have to condone anti-social behavior. But you do have to understand it. It’s what Jesus was going on and on about with “Love your enemies.” I think the word Love might be confusing for us. But maybe the word Understand or Empathize might be more accessible for our small human minds.

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