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Sage Against The Machine.
Libertarian Humanist.

The Dark Night Of The Soul.

November 22, 2020

THIS is something we need to discuss in greater detail. There is a profound understanding our houseless neighbors have of the power of the Irrational, of a total annihilation, of the darkest depression... That rebirths them, bloody and in anguish, into a relationship with God that most of us could never possibly grasp.

Where all the true meaninglessness of EVERYTHING on this earth has proven itself not as some theoretical, hypothetical concept, but as a cold hard truth and reality of their life on Earth.

Life is cruel and meaningless and pointless and filled with only hate and pain that plummets you to depths of darkness unimaginable to most humans.

It's a darkness so black, a hole so deep that clawing your way out of it feels hopeless and pointless and impossible. The only thing darker in this blackest of black holes is your own shadow of your own fears, desires, traumas and failings.

And in that hole, in that abyss, God is waiting for you. The love of God is a black sun that is invisible to most but blinding to those in this hell on Earth.

Words fail the understanding those who experience this deepest of sufferings.

Suffering is nothing ever wished for. But it is a cruel rip in the fabric of life where transcendence exists.

If a homeless person ever speaks to you about God my recommendation is to listen to them like you are hearing the words of the most practiced monks to ever grace our planet.

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