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The Meaning of Life

December 18, 2022

I’ve come to believe that all of this is just a physical construct for a spiritual journey.

A possible reality is that you are the only conscious being in the entire universe and everything and everyone else is just a fantasy you have created.

Whether that is true or not doesn’t matter. There is only one thing you can even mildly control and that is your own thoughts and a few of your actions.

And furthermore, you can’t do this journey wrong. You will get out of it what you are meant to get out of it. But every once in a while you might ask yourself if you are happy with how you are doing it.

I’m not talking about whether you should lose some weight or quit smoking meth. Those things are meaningless. I’m talking about what energy you are putting out into the world. Are you satisfied with the energy you are putting back into the universe? That’s the only contribution that really matters. The energy you put back into the universe is all the universe wants from you. Everything else is meaningless and a social illusion created by old white men.

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