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December 3, 2020

This is an article written by an 8th grader.

Raja writes: "To be a leader you do not need to be perfect, it does not matter where you are from, what your gender is. All that matters is that you act. Raising awareness, cleaning up trash, finding sustainable ways to live, cleaning up the oceans and so much more. All this needs to be done and we can do it. We can band together and do this. We can organize protests, we can create groups to clean up the trash from the land and ocean, we can do it all. The choice is ours whether we fix this or not. We must all become leaders because the earth is not just where we live, it is our home."

I come across prodigies like this every so often. They aren't made. They are transported out of nowhere. We mortals can't begin to understand their natural gift of transcendent enlightenment.

But to say some superficial cliché like "Out of the mouth of babes" and then move on is to take a pass on the most incredible gift you have been lucky enough to have been given.

Raja and others like them are a message from the universe. They are the messenger. And message is: "WAKE UP! This is not right. WE are living wrong. WE are allowing incredible tragedy to happen right before our eyes. By doing nothing we become the evil we say we hate."

There is only one way to make this world better. It is by YOU taking action, YOU standing up, YOU fighting against a system that destroys, murders and pillages everything in its wake.

You can read Raja's full story here: It’s time for a new leader: you

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