All Possible Paths Exist



If it is possible by the laws of physics, it has happened. All of it.

This isn’t some woowoo mumbo jumbo. This is the theory of the multiverse.

Anything I say after this point is belief and not science.

I believe we have free will.

You could spend the entire day standing up and sitting down at random intervals and occasionally spinning around in circles. I don’t believe that is pre ordained by some preconceived master plan.

BUT, I don’t believe you can channel a “good” path in life. You can’t ask for goodness and expect to have goodness flow into your life. You don’t know what will be the outcome of your actions.

I’ve known people who spent their entire adult lives addicted and homeless. It seems like a tragedy. But then their children become highly thoughtful, resilient and empathetic people. Who knows what our actions will result in.

I will say this on that topic, however. When I think of negative things I feel angry and hateful. I send to out anger and hate into the world. When I think of positive things I am hopeful and optimistic. I put out love into the world.

I don’t know which view is “right.”

If I just put out positivity I am lying about reality. If I put out negativity I am spreading hurt and pain.

Sometimes I’m enraged by the cruelty of man. Sometimes I’m beaming with the love of God. What are you going to do?