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Homeless News - March 25, 2021 - More Sweeps

March 25, 2021

San Jose to resume clearing homeless camps, focusing near schools

The healthcare the county has been able to offer unhoused people has improved dramatically over the past year, because people have stayed in one place rather than being shuffled around as the city clears their camps, said Dr. Mudit Gilotra, medical director of Santa Clara County’s Valley Homeless Healthcare Program. And as the county vaccinates encampment residents against COVID, healthcare workers need to know where their patients are. “I can’t imagine how difficult it will be to find people again for their second dose if abatements are happening,” Gilotra said.

LAPD Declares Unlawful Assembly As Protesters, Police Face Off At Echo Park Lake Over Homeless Encampment Removal – CBS Los Angeles

LOS ANGELES (CBSLA) — The Los Angeles Police Department Wednesday night ordered a citywide tactical alert after protesters and officers faced off at Echo Park Lake over the city’s plan to close the park and remove the homeless encampment.

Homeless camp broken up

Unfortunately, housing services wasn’t available for most of the people they contacted. Many of the people from the camp probably moved to a more out of sight place to sleep.

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