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Homeless News - March 24, 2021 - Homeless Camp Sweeps Are Everywhere

March 24, 2021


Growing homeless camp on Seattle's Capitol Hill underscores citywide issue |

A mile away from Miller Playfield, the Low Income Housing Institute (LIHI) held a ribbon-cutting to mark the opening of a new apartment building offering affordable housing to the homeless. According to LIHI, each unit cost $240,000, with the City of Seattle’s Office of Housing providing $11 million in funding for the project. “Today, 76 people of all races and nationalities begin the next step toward becoming productive members of our society in their own homes,” said Stephen LeBerth, a formerly homeless veteran.

Housing Boss Who Was Accused of Sexual Abuse Now Faces Bribery Charges - The New York Times

The former head of one of the largest homeless shelter networks in New York — who was already under investigation after several women accused him of sexual abuse — was arrested Wednesday on federal charges that he took hundreds of thousands of dollars in kickbacks from contractors.

The Echo Park Lake Homeless Community Is Bracing For The City To Clear The Park

Homeless residents and advocates are bracing for the city of Los Angeles to close Echo Park Lake and clear a tent community that has become a flashpoint in the debate about the city’s policies towards homeless encampments. The coalition of community organizations, Services Not Sweeps, and people who live at the park say they have heard from sources at the city that the announcement to shut the park down will come later Wednesday and will presumably include a timeline for evictions. "They're doing it all in secret," said Ayman Ahmed, who added that he has lived at the lake for more than a year.

Bellingham homeless camp remains in neighborhood park despite removal efforts |

for more than a week, it has been taken over by a homeless camp, and it doesn't appear it is going anywhere anytime soon.

San Jose to vote on sweeping homeless camps, creating sanctioned encampments - San José Spotlight

Some San Jose leaders want to clear homeless encampments immediately — despite health regulations cautioning not to do so during a pandemic — and move homeless residents to a government-approved camping site.

City Council approves motion to build prefab shelters for the homeless in NELA

A motion by CD 14 City Councilmember Kevin de León to build small, prefabricated shelter units for the homeless in Eagle Rock and Highland Park was unanimously approved on Wednesday by the Los Angeles City Council.  Pallet shelter units for the homeless, like these in N. Hollywood, are 8′ x 8′ or 10′ x 10′ | Photo in, courtesy of Fonda Rosing/Hope of the Valley In Eagle Rock, the units — known as “pallet housing” — are slated for the parking lot on N. Figueroa St. across from the Eagle Rock Recreation Center near the 134 Freeway ramps. In Highland Park, the pallet housing is slated for an unused section of Arroyo Dr. near S. Avenue 64 and the 110 Freeway. The shelters, generally 8’ by 8’ or 10’ by 10’, are intended as “bridge” housing for people as they transition to permanent housing.

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