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Homeless News - March 15 2021 - Savannah is getting it. Fort Meyers Is NOT getting it.

March 15, 2021

Homeless set up tents next to City Hall to push for solutions. Four days later, Dallas rousted them again.

Camp Rhonda, a homeless encampment of about 30 tents, was moving Friday for the second time in five days. Dallas police showed up at Pioneer Plaza in the morning and told residents that the park needed to be clear by 1 p.m. It was unclear where the group would go. Organizers couldn’t be reached for comment.

Stanfield, Peters ask for community support for sleep out for homeless - Insider NJ

LUMBERTON – Assemblywoman Jean Stanfield and Assemblyman Ryan Peters will be spending a night in their office parking lot along Route 541 in Lumberton to raise money and awareness for homeless youth.

Everett could ban homeless street camps through ‘no sit, no lie’ ordinance

EVERETT, Wash. — Everett’s City Council is looking to pass a law that could ban homeless encampments in a part of the city.

Homeless People Getting Kicked Out of Lions Park in Fort Meyers - Sage Lewis' Personal Blog

Yet again, these fucking homeless service providers blame homeless people for not "accepting help." That's just propaganda bullshit so that we don't wake up to the fact that these homeless service providers can't do their job.

More people living in homeless camps in Savannah - Sage Lewis' Personal Blog

Savannah looks like they are addressing their homeless crisis with intelligence and strategy... not fear and hate like most other cities in America.

Homeless People Getting Kicked Out of Lions Park in Fort Meyers - Sage Lewis' Personal Blog


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