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I am a Democrat

August 3, 2022

In America you are either a Republican or a Democrat. You could be a Tea Party Republican or a Socialist Democrat. But you are still either an R or a D.

The number 1 biggest determination if you will win an election is if you have aligned with one of those 2 parties.

I am a Democrat. I don't think I've ever voted for a Republican.

THAT SAID... I'm sick and tired of Democrats caring more about immigrants and windmills than the low-income people and Black people that they just assume will get their vote.

I also don't like the name "Socialist Democrat" because it in no way represents actual Socialism which is an economic philosophy that gives all the means of production to the people and eliminates private property. I'm not that either.

I am a small business owner / entrepreneur. I like to find problems and fix problems. My passion is fixing racism and classism. I don't much care about money, personally. I just like creating things and building things. I want to be allowed to work on the problems I care about.

The government (Democrats) SO CLEARLY does not want me to work on the issue of homelessness. That's because they make a shit ton of money off of homelessness with their ridiculous fantasy that everyone in America is going to get a free house that needs one. And they're going to make business owners run those houses with all the mental illness and addiction issues that come with a large percentage of this population (It could be 75% of the homeless population that has both an addiction and mental health issue.)

I rail hard on my party, the Democratic party. But it's my party. I am trying to push it Left. But at it's core I believe it is the party that cares about things like animals and the environment and PEOPLE. I am the Democrat that is fighting for the people... the people of Akron and the people of the United States. American people have A LOT of problems. These people are my passion.

The closest definition I can think to call me is: POPULIST DEMOCRAT.

I put the people above everything else. Above the environment and above the animals. Yes. The environment is a real issue which makes life more difficult for The People. But here's the thing... if you see a 350 pound person with a gun shot wound you don't look at him and tell him to eat less and exercise more. YOU FIX THE FUCKING GUN SHOT WOUND.

People are being brutally tortured RIGHT NOW by unaffordable, shitty housing, by criminalizing the brain disease we call addiction, by criminalizing homelessness, by letting us murder each other in the streets while we gentrify neighborhoods. MY PARTY IS DOING THAT right along with the Republicans.

If you are rich and "LOVE" the environment, get rid of your car, stop using your air conditioning, stop eating meat and never get on an airplane ever again. Oh wait, that would be inconvenient for you? Well I have friends who are being "inconvenienced" by Democrat leaders ALL OVER AMERICA that won't let them take shelter ANYWHERE. I have friends who are being "inconvenienced" by law enforcement run by Democrat leaders who shoot them in cold blood because of the color of their skin.

So, I'm going to work on that while you pretend to care about the environment.


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