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Intravenous Drug Users: This is for you.

December 5, 2019

If you are "shocked" by swear words or just actual life in general, this post is not for you. This post is for people that shoot drugs.


I don't give a shit that you shoot drugs. I'd probably shoot my shit too. It looks like a really powerful way to go.

But a lot of you are fucking assholes and I'm sick of it.

Someone once told me that they have shot every drug imaginable. They've gone as hard as a person could go. And they said NEVER ONCE were they so fucked up that they couldn't put their used rig back in their pocket instead of throwing it on the ground.

What the FUCK is it with you assholes that throw your shit on the ground?

It's simple. Throw it in a trash can. (I know this isn't the approved approach but I'm not talking to anyone that would actually care about the "approved" method right now.)

Break the needle off, put the cap back on and throw the fucking shit in the goddamn trash.

Do you want to know why I give a shit about any of this?

It's because these old church ladies roll up on me and bitch all day long about needles.

Literally, 3 years later, there is a lady who found a needle on the steps behind her church (one fucking needle) next to us and has forever more blamed ME for it. She can't get anything in her thick skull other than the fact that someone left a GODDAMN needle on her property.

Never mind that they serve meals multiple times a week over there. Never mind that their church is SURROUNDED by drug houses. I'M the reason a needle showed up on her steps one day.

And I don't even give a shit about what she thinks about me. She's old and regressive and judgemental and hateful... all while calling herself a Christian.

What I give a shit about is how hard I have to overcome this bullshit to help you and all your friends who are homeless.

You're fucking up the whole goddamn operation.

Everybody is so fucking freaked out about needles. If you want to instantly trigger a prim and proper middle class housewife just show her a needle. She'll nearly faint just from the sight of it.

And look... I get it that they are assholes in their own right. I get that they think everybody that's homeless is shooting drugs all day everyday. I get that their prejudice is simple minded and hateful. They actually piss me off much more than you throwing your needles around. They are the people who actually are the biggest contributors to the homeless epidemic in America. Politicians often feel exactly the same way and support every single "Not In My Backyard" complaint they ever make. That's actually why we have people living in tents. Because they despise you and judge you and would not blink an eye if all of you just died tomorrow. Yes. I hate them.

But you can't give them any more ammunition. Because, unfortunately, these hateful bigots have money and city officials like them more than they like you.

So, you get attacked endlessly by the nuisance inspector. You are closer to a disease infected rat in their eyes than being what you actually are: a motherfucking American citizen.

Every time you throw a needle on the ground you reinforce their bigotry and hatred.

You know you fucked up your invitation to the coffee shop down the road, right?

They really wanted to be active homeless supporters. But no. You had to fucking shoot your shit in their bathrooms and on their steps and then just leave it all laying around.

You are fucking this movement up. Grow up and find a trash can.

I'm not telling you to stop doing drugs. I'm not hating on your for being a shooter. I'm just fucking sick and tired of hearing about needles being left around.

What the FUCK is the matter with you?

Do I need to make this any clearer?



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