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IZA Institute of Labor and Economics 3 Year Study On Housing First

November 14, 2022

I came across this Guardian article on this study concerning Housing First:
Stable housing helps the homeless but it doesn’t cure all their problems | Torsten Bell | The Guardian

Housing First dominates Democrat ideology in America to solve homelessness. The only thing a homeless person is missing is a house. This is so obviously wrong for anyone who has spent any amount of time with actual homeless people.

You can access the entire study here: IZA Institute of Labor and Economics 3 Year Study On Housing First

What they find is that initially, housing first works. You get a house (duh) and your employment goes up. But over 3 years the gaps between people in the program and those not in the program disappear. "Two-thirds of individuals are housed, whether or not they have been in the program."

The authors’ conclusion is that the chronically homeless face many long-term problems that housing alone can’t resolve.

Housing solves homeless problems for people that simply can't afford rent. But there is a subset of homeless people that are MUCH more complicated than that.

This is a screenshot from the study:

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