Luther Ayers

Do you remember Luther? He was the 90+ year old World War II veteran who many of you helped pay his house taxes so he wouldn’t lose it?

I’ve been told Luther has passed away.

Luther illegally sheltered sex offenders, drug addicts and every imaginable criminal. He sheltered them in his house and on his property in tents. He did much of this work even when he couldn’t afford to pay his water bill and electric bill. He rarely had all his utilities turned on at the same time. But that never stopped him from taking care of his neighbors that everyone else hated and cast out.

This is the only message that matters from Jesus. Love those that everyone else hates.

I am dedicating my upcoming book to Luther. He is the kind of person I strive to be.

You were loved by many, many people, Luther. We all have so much for which to thank you.


6 responses to “Luther Ayers”

  1. Kim Ayers Avatar
    Kim Ayers

    Thank you for recognizing my father- in-law for the work that he did.

  2. Ginny Honaker Walker Avatar
    Ginny Honaker Walker

    As I grew up Luther and his then wife LoraLee were great friends of my parents. They were like parents to me and my sister Linda Sue. We were given a home, helped get jobs, get a vehicle, guidance and sometimes advise we didn’t want to hear. He and Lora gave us more love then our parents at times. Although we parted on not the best of terms, there will always be a special place in my heart for him and his ex wife LoraLee of whom I still am in contact with. Luther was himself and never tried to be anyone else. Rest in peace Luther ❤️

  3. John Ayers Avatar
    John Ayers

    Luther is my uncle and in his later years he changed to a very compassionate person and would help anyone and everyone. When my Kidney’s failed he came over numerous times just to talk.He certainly will be missed by anyone that ever met him . RIP uncle Marion Luther Ayers

  4. John Ayers Avatar
    John Ayers

    Luther Ayers is my uncle and he would help people when he could . His family has setup a Go Fund Me account to help with his funeral expenses. Any help is appreciated. RIP uncle Luther

    1. I’ll try to find the gofundme. But please feel free to post it here.

  5. Kim Ayers Avatar
    Kim Ayers

    Sage, I want to let you know that Luther will be buried in the Ohio Western Reserve National Cemetery, 10175 Rawiga Rd, Seville, OH 44273.
    He will be buried with full military honors.His grave side service will be Thursday June 10 @10:15 AM