Sage Against The Machine

My Decision On Running For Governor

I had asked people here if I should run for governor.

I hope I thank you enough for the abundant support you show me in so many ways. From donating to various fundraisers to your endless encouragement. Facebook can be a place of great disease of thought and also an incredible fountain of human connection, particularly in the year 2020.

In short, I’ve decided not to run for governor.

There are many reasons. But mostly I think I bring a unique perspective on standing with our houseless brothers and sisters. I am an adamant believer in helping build houseless pride. There is absolutely no shame in living in a tent or tiny house or shelter made out of found objects. You are showing your resilience, resourcefulness and creativity. You are hurting no one. Live your life the way your choose to live your life. It’s the rest of us that have the real emotional and intellectual growth to do. We simply can’t shake our desire to judge other people.

I am so drawn to politics. It’s the mixed martial arts of the mind. As Donald Trump has shown, there are many paths to political life. I firmly believe he’d still be our president if it were not for Covid. I LOVE the political fight.

I will always believe that we will ALL owe Donald Trump a great deal. Whether we reacted against him or with him, many of us reacted. The mere fact that we all voted more than ever is proof of that. Trump got me really excited about politics.

I also want to be the person that pushes you to dream and hope and believe. Don’t let anyone EVER tell you that you aren’t qualified to do something. That’s small thinking. That’s your addict friends telling you not to quit your addiction. In this case, the addiction is to not grow and not dream. (There is no correct way into politics. If you are interested in it JUST DO IT.)

Thank you for listening to me. Thank you for supporting me. Thank you for everything.

I love you.