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NYTimes: After Abuse Allegations, $2 Billion Homeless Shelter Network Faces Scrutiny

February 7, 2021

After Abuse Allegations, $2 Billion Shelter Network Faces Scrutiny

This New York homeless leader abused women, gave plum jobs to his family and got rich.

This is extreme. BUT I'M TELLING YOU: Homeless people are nothing other than a paycheck to ALL these agencies that get millions of dollars from the government.

“In 15+ years in govt and housing nonprofit, I can’t recall seeing anything as egregious as this-a powerful CEO coercing clients into sex in exchange for helping them,” Mr. Levin, the chairman of the committee that oversees the city’s social service programs, said on Twitter

Another shelter provider, Childrens Community Services, first came under scrutiny in 2017, when the city noticed irregularities and installed a fiscal monitor to oversee its operations, records show. But the city continued to award money to the group until last year, when, in a lawsuit, it accused the provider of fraud, bid-rigging and other financial misdeeds.

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