The machine is grinding us into food for the system. Fight the system. Fight the machine. It is not your friend. 
Sage Against The Machine.
Libertarian Humanist.

One good cop. One good drug dealer.

May 14, 2022

On the street everyone needs one good cop and one good drug dealer.

Both can be challenging to come by. But they exist.

A good cop will look past small issues like possession to stay focused on things like arson, grand theft auto and violent crime. They also won't run every name in a car or tent just because they can. They stay focused on serious crimes.

A good drug dealer will not trap you in debt, will make a serious effort to sell clean drugs, will work on trade and will not bully you because the power went to their head.

These are basic bonds of trust that need to be developed in order to weave a community back together.

If you are terrified of every authority figure around you the entire world feels like an insane war zone.

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