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PLEASE follow and be aware of the work The United Front Against Displacement is doing.

March 11, 2021

"We are an anti-gentrification organization that was founded to unite the struggles of working class people against gentrification, displacement and criminalization."

They were in the news yesterday for stopping a homeless camp sweep in Oakland California.

Here are their online properties:

The United Front Against Displacement | Facebook

The United Front Against Displacement - Website

the United Front Against Displacement (@TheUfad) / Twitter

The UFAD (@theufad) • Instagram photos and videos

I found out about them from this (firewalled) article:

These homeless Oaklanders refused to move. Now, they're pioneers

The successfully stopped a homeless camp sweep. Here's the main details:

"But Union Point residents decided to put up a fight. Backed by activists from the anti-gentrification group United Front Against Displacement, they piled trash, furniture and other items into barricades at the park’s entrances, preventing city vehicles from getting through. Matt Long, who residents call the camp president, sat on a barricade and refused to move, while protesters lined up behind him.
The effort worked, and city workers left without clearing the camp. The conservation and development commission granted Oakland an extension, and Oakland officials continued negotiating with Union Point residents. About a dozen were left — down from about 50 months before."

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