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Preparing for the Akron City Council and Mayor Primary in May of 2023

February 8, 2021

I want you to start thinking about running for Akron City Council or Akron Mayor in 2023. It's SO hard to beat the oppressive Summit County Dems machine. YOU NEED TO START THINKING ABOUT IT NOW.If you run as a Democrat (which you should. Akron only votes for Democrats) then your election is going to be in May of 2023. These are the numbers you need to get to win your primary in your Ward. You need to be looking at "Ballots Cast".

I will do all I can to help you win, if you want to run. I'll get you a web site and we can have meetings to talk about strategy. If this is of interest to you please join my newsletter list here:

Please remember that the City of Akron will redraw their Ward boundaries at some point over the next 2 years, and these new boundaries will be used for the 2023 candidacy petitions and election.  The portion of the Charter that deals with redistricting is found at SECTION 28a. - REDISTRICTING. | Code of Ordinances | Akron, OH | Municode Library.

Section 28 of the Akron Charter addresses your "residential requirements" question. Here is the link.SECTION 28. - COMPOSITION OF COUNCIL, TERMS, SALARIES AND VACANCIES. | Code of Ordinances | Akron, OH | Municode Library

A copy of the 2019 Election Calendar is still available at Microsoft Word - 2019 Demo Election Dates ( and the portion of Akron's Charter that deals with "Nominations and Elections" is found at NOMINATIONS AND ELECTIONS | Code of Ordinances | Akron, OH | Municode Library.

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