The machine is grinding us into food for the system. Fight the system. Fight the machine. It is not your friend. 
Sage Against The Machine.
Libertarian Humanist.

They Want To Erase You

December 18, 2020

The powerful control history.

Kings and queens and presidents and great wars are played out in every classroom in the world year after year, generation after generation.

But the history of the people is a faint murmur. Their fight. Their bravery. Their wars against the governments and businesses and churches and nonprofits that have a general disdain for the common person are erased from the history books as much as possible.

I mean do you truly understand what American communists stood for in pre world war 2? Did you even know there were communists in America before the 1940s fighting tooth and nail for the equal rights of the American worker who was so (and continues to be so) abused and taken advantage of at the hands of super rich capitalists that would make Jeff Besos look like a peace and love hippy?

The fight of the people against the machine that always seeks to keep them under it's boot is erased by the machine who prints the history books.

WE must tell the stories to our children of the true great people of history that faught against all odds because they believed so vehemently that society can be better, that our organizations can be better.

But before we can tell the stories we must learn the stories for ourselves.

Paid For By The People for Sage Lewis

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