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I Will Not Bullshit You

December 17, 2020

I have made a personal packed to not bullshit people. People get lied to by their leaders ALL the time because their leaders don't think they can handle the truth. That is some of the most cynical bullshit. They are saying people are too stupid to handle my 4-D Chess.

So, this is my thinking on Defunding the Police: I like "Defund the Police" because it unites people around an enemy. I believe people need an enemy. I wish they didn't. But I don't see any other truth. I'm OK with making the police the enemy for now because they need to be taken down a couple notches. They are literally murdering innocent human beings (black and white).

But my hope is that what it does is take the money and try new things. Try getting more cops from the neighborhood in the neighborhood. Try bringing mental health workers into the neighborhood. Try bringing role models into the neighborhood.
Invest the money in testing new initiatives to see if it produces better results.

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