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Unadopted Akron Family Needs Your Help This Christmas

December 19, 2015

little boy hide  in his secret place

I got an email last night from Debra Manteghi, the Program Manager for Project RISE: the only group in Akron that solely focuses on homeless kids in the Akron area.

They organize an "adoption" of families for Christmas. The idea is that a family "adopts" another family and gets them presents for Christmas.

Debra emailed me to let me know that one family was not able to get adopted this year That means they will be left on their own for Christmas. Unless someone comes to help.

I thought maybe the Akron family could help this family. I thought maybe we all could help.

It's pretty simple, if you have something these folks need you can donate it.

Because we are getting close to Christmas I think going directly to Debra would be the best plan. Here's her contact information:

Debra Manteghi <[email protected]>

330-761-2969 office

330-212-0844 cell

You can also email Rachel Breece:

Rachel Breece <[email protected]>

I've been asked to not share their names. But what I can tell you about homeless kids is: they look just like all our own kids. They are sweet, kind, loving, happy. And most of all: they didn't ask to be homeless.

Here are the people that need help in this family:

Son 1: age 19
pants 32 waist 34 length
Shirt men large
Gift certificate

Son 2: age 18
Pants 34 waist 34 length
Shirt men large
Gift certificate

Son 3: age 12
Pants size boys 18/20
Shirt size boys 18/20
He loves to draw. Any type of drawing material

Son 4: age 8
Pants size boys 10/12
Shirt size boys 10/12
He loves legos

any type of dishes, coffee cups, pots and pans.

The great thing about doing it this way is that together we don't have to spend a lot. If each of us could give a little then the outcome will be great.

If you want to feel extra great this Christmas season I encourage you to give to some people in need. Feeling good about being helpful is totally fine. If you love feeling good about helping then, by all means, feel as good as you can possibly handle. 🙂

Here is Debra's full contact information:

Debra Manteghi

District Homeless Education Liaison & Program Manager

Project RISE (Realizing Individual Strength through Education)

70 North Broadway St. Room 300

Akron, Ohio 44308

330-761-2969 office

330-212-0844 cell

Thank you all and Merry Christmas!

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