We Are Asking the Ohio Supreme Court To Let Us Shelter Those Most In Need

Here’s an article from our attorneys at Institute for Justice. We are trying to get the Ohio Supreme Court to hear our case to allow us to shelter people that have absolutely nowhere else to take shelter.

I try not to talk much about lawsuits simply because I’m not a lawyer and it’s truly a different world of communication. (For example, I’m currently being sued by the city in a different case for sheltering homeless people. They are trying to make it so that I, or anyone related to me, would be held in contempt of court if we ever give a tent to anyone on residential property. But that’s all I’m going to say about it right now because I need to make sure my attorney and I in that case are in agreement about what we say.)

WE KNOW FOR A FACT that there are people who have no place to take shelter in Akron Ohio. (I helped a woman get into the battered women’s shelter. She was thrown out within 2 days and is now back in a tent.)

Our only men’s shelter (an extremist Christian facility) regularly bans men from using any of their services. Not only does it seem unconstitutional to outsource our only shelter for men to religious zealots, but there are MANY men who aren’t allowed in the place.

So, what do all the people that legitimately have nowhere else to sleep go to sleep? It is utter madness how hard I have to fight to shelter these people on my own private land with ZERO money from the government. Imagine if you were being sued by the city for wanting to clean up trash on your own time and money. It’s EXACTLY the same thing except we are talking about human-fucking-beings, American citizens.

All they ever tell me is “NO!” They don’t meet with me to discuss different ideas. They don’t brainstorm how else we could service these humans. Nothing. Just “NO!”

The longer I do this the more resolved I become in this fight. It’s complete and total madness. They have a guy that wants to help (for free) and all they do is sue me.

So I refuse to stop. This is wrong in every possible way. It’s a humanitarian crime. It’s morally repugnant. It’s philosophically incoherent. It’s just plain wrong.