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Why I'm Not Running For Political Office This Coming Year

November 8, 2018

I love politics.

Dementia runs in my family. I tell my wife that if that ever happens to me just put me in any room of your choosing with C-SPAN running 24/7. I'll be fine.

I've had a couple people come to me and ask if I was thinking about running for mayor or city council.

There is a strategic logic to that idea. Name recognition is really important in campaigning. The homeless have gotten a lot of much needed attention here in Akron. Oftentimes my name gets included in that.

Plus it is just flattering that anyone would think I should run for office.

But that's not why a person should run for office.

A person should run for office because they feel that it is the highest and best use of their time on Earth.

I live in Ward 8. The biggest issues in Ward 8 are potholes, people driving too fast in residential areas and people occasionally opening unlocked car doors and stealing loose change.

Ward 8 constituents are people too. In fact, they are the highest engaged voting ward in the city. More people vote in Ward 8 per capita than any other Ward. And they also contribute A LOT of tax dollars to the city.

So they deserve attention.

And honestly, I would find it fun to get people to slow down driving really fast through residential neighborhoods. I have actually been brainstorming fun ideas to get it done.

But that's not where my heart is.

My heart is with the homeless and the poor.

I just sleep in Ward 8. I LIVE in Ward 10. And that Ward needs to stay with Zack Milkovich. He cares about the people of this ward more than you would ever know. He just quietly works endlessly for these people.

And then there's the mayor thing.

I would love to get the opportunity to get to talk about the 26% of the population of Akron that lives below the poverty line instead of talking about all the wealthy people that don't even live in Akron that we want to attract to Akron.

I mean there won't be much talk even about our OWN wealthy people.

All we're going to talk about is magically increasing the population.

That bothers me.

But mostly I am not finished working on the homeless mess we have here in Akron.

No human should have to live on the streets of Akron. There are too many abandoned properties and vacant land just sitting around.

The homeless problem of Akron is a stupid problem. It shouldn't be happening.

There are too few homeless and too many solutions.

A friend of mine once pointed out that I'm cashing in my white male middle-class privilege to help the homeless.

I'm not done taking those withdrawals.

I feel like we are making headway with the homeless. In fact, I truly believe we are going to win the basic human rights these people should have in America.

Akron will be known as the city where America learned how to properly take care of the homeless. 

I think I will have more impact doing my homeless work from the outside of the system instead of the inside at this point.

It's a real luxury for me to just be able to focus on homelessness. I wouldn't be able to do that in any political position.

Ultimately, I just try to listen to what God is telling me. Running for office doesn't feel like the right path now.

I feel like God is telling me to keep fighting for the homeless. That's what feels like the right move at this point in my life.

For all of you that suggested that I think about running for office: THANK YOU! That's an incredible vote of confidence and I'm incredibly honored that you would think of me that way.

I'm going to keep focused on the homeless.






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