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November 11, 2018

Someone once gave our family tickets to a Cavs game.

They've got these REALLY cool Jumbotrons above the floor. These massive, beautiful video displays cover the action on the floor. It's super cool to watch the floor and then watch the Jumbotron.

I was watching the game not noticing anything out of the ordinary.

I heard someone behind me say: "There's a pixel out in the top left corner of the Jumbotron."

I hadn't seen it... until he pointed it out.

Sure enough. There it was. A super tiny spec of white light.

It just sat there. Unchanging.

As millions of colors swirled around it. It just sat there tiny and unassuming and white.

Once I saw it, I couldn't unsee it.

I started to obsess about it.

"Why was it there?"
"What caused it?"
"How long had it been there?"
"Would someone ever get up there and make it go away?"

Eventually, nearly all I could see was the white, tiny pixel.

That's God.

Just as we can't see the stars at night in the city because of light pollution, we can't see God in everyday life because of ego pollution.

We are so obsessed with our own lives. Our jobs. Our houses. Our cars. Our Netflix shows.

God gets easily covered up by all that. Millions of colors swirl around entertaining us and taking all our attention and time.

But God is there. In fact, I see God constantly now even though I know others can't see God at all.

  • A person picks up a piece of trash.
  • A clerk at the grocery store smiles at you.
  • The person standing at the crosswalk with you says hi.

It's these tiny little pixels that most people have no idea even happened. They are each a flicker of God.

I'm obsessed by it.

I see it constantly.

It's to the point where all I can see is compassion, kindness and forgiveness.

In our homeless center these instances aren't pixels of tiny light. They are 1000 lumen LED lanterns beaming in front of the homeless people and me.

The light of God in our homeless center is so bright it takes your breath away. It's so bright sometimes you have to look down in humility and embarrassment.

This week a 4th grade girl came to our facility with nearly $200 dollars in money she wanted to donate. She raised the money by making bracelets, necklaces and key chains. She came into our facility full of strength, and purity and love. It was so powerful it was almost too much to look at.

And then later in the week a woman came in with nearly $600 in cash and a TRAILER full of household items to give to people that are moving into new homes. She raised another $900 online.

And these are just the big donations.

Clothes. Food. Supplies. Money. It just all comes to the homeless like a flowing river.

That's you. That's God. You are the tiny pixel of white light of God. Or sometimes you are a blinding spotlight of white light that is so good and so bright you can hardly stand to look at it.

Thank you. You aren't just helping the homeless. You are changing the energy of the entire planet.

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