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Churches: Please have mercy on the homeless.

November 11, 2019

I'm at a point where I don't know what else to do. I am certainly not quitting. But it feels like every single thing I do is inadequate and not enough.

So I'm just going to beg and plead with you to PLEASE help these people.

Tomorrow night it is going to be 15 degrees in Akron Ohio. Here's the forecast:

People are sleeping on the streets. They are already freezing. They are going to be facing life threatening temperatures tomorrow.

They are completely abandoned by their friends and family and service providers we have here in Akron. They have nowhere to turn.

Please. Please. Please have mercy on these people.

Please God, let your flock see the critical need of the homeless surrounding them and help them see their way to finding it in their heart to care for the most needy in their neighborhood. Please, Father God, help them find compassion and mercy and grace within their hearts to shelter those most in need from the cold.

Maybe you feel these people don't deserve your kindness.

Maybe you feel you can't figure out how to serve these people.

I understand.

What I'm asking you is challenging and maybe even scary.

But they have nowhere to go.

The city has completely shut me down from helping homeless people. We have a couple houses. But that's not much room. We need more.

If you are willing to do ANYTHING to help the homeless I will gladly support you in any way.

I will run a day center for you. I will run a sleeping center for you. I'll do whatever it is that you would be willing to do.

Please be the hope and love and compassion that is in your heart. Please see your way into being a place where the most needy can come in from the elements and get warm.

ANYTHING you can do would be incredibly appreciated.

If you want to talk more about this please feel free to call me at: 330-416-7519 or email me at [email protected]

The city just continues to shut down camps and offer no warming centers or no alternatives to places like The Haven of Rest. Many people I know have been thrown out of The Haven of Rest. They are alone and scared and freezing.




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