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Day 10 It Feels Bigger Than Me The Road To Mayor

June 19, 2015

I felt something today that maybe I never have felt before in my life.

Today this whole mayoral journey felt bigger than just me. 

The outreach of help and encouragement I've gotten in these 10 days is utterly humbling. 

People have written me detailed insight in their experiences running for office. People have suggested books to read. People have told me specifically who I should talk to, events I should participate in and marketing I should engage in.

Many of these are people that have taken time to help someone they have never spoken to before.

And then the outreach of encouragement is unbelievable. 

It feels like people are hungry for something different with their political figures. 

No matter what happens here I want people to know one thing: People want alternative options for their political figures and you could possibly be that person.

I'm absolutely convinced you don't need some sort of expertise to be in political office. If you feel like you have something to contribute to the process run for office. We need more people engaged in this process.

And I'll tell you another thing: The political powers of America don't want this message to get out. The Democratic and Republican parties are the most powerful groups in this country. They control everything. And what's worse is they want you to think you are in control. 

Have you ever heard a politician tell you to run for office? I know I haven't. 

The time has come where people can change the course of traditional power. 

The Web has given the People the tools to unite independently and make their own choices for who gets to run for political office.

Question everything that comes out of the main political parties of this country. I truly believe they don't care about the people. They just care about staying in power. 

Today, we can change that. 

Paid For By The People for Sage Lewis

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