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Day 104 - Perpetual Not Knowing - On The Road To Mayor

September 22, 2015


Fortunately, the next chapter of this journey is near.

This Wednesday, September 23, at 10am the Board of Elections will determine if any of the Independent Candidates will make it onto the November 3 General Election ballot.

There are 3 possible Independents that potentially could get on the ballot. 

Both Bill and Stephen were the nicest surprises for me during this process. 

I've learned that being a Democrat in Akron politics has nothing to do with Democratic ideals. It's just code for "establishment." They don't discuss poverty or homelessness or hunger or even schools to much extent.

That was one of the saddest surprises of this process.

But the Independents are all about the people. They care about the little people. 

I can't yet comment on what kind of leaders Bill or Stephen would be. But I definitely can say that if they became mayor they would care about the weakest in our community.

If you are a progressive PLEASE take some time learning about any Independent that may get on the ballot.

Which leads me to my 3 possible outcomes on Wednesday:

  1. I get on the ballot. I've been spending a considerable amount of time strategizing a path to victory. I believe very strongly that I can't ask anyone else to spend time or money on my campaign if even I don't think I can win. I believe I have a couple paths to victory. I can't discuss them at this point. But I sincerely believe I've got some options.
  2. I get denied. At that moment I can go on with my life. But here's the thing: I don't think I'll ever be quite the same again. This process has changed me in a very positive way. The homeless have really touched me. If my political career doesn't go on from here I've got some sketches in my mind as to how I could move ahead with helping the homeless.
  3. It's a tie. This is the worst possible outcome, in my mind. 2 Democrats vote one way and 2 Republicans vote another way. It is all then sent to the Secretary of State who will make the tie breaking decision. That probably will take a couple weeks. I hate this possible outcome because so much is up in the air. Unless you have another idea, the campaign will probably continue to slowly simmer as the election gets closer and closer. 

Unfortunately, I think #3 is the the most likely. 

But it is what it is. The nice thing of right now is that it is all out of my hands. I can do nothing but wait till Wednesday.

With that limbo state I'll leave you with Nyan Cat - The 10 hour version. Enjoy!

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