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Day 100 - Guess who's a Gigabit city. It's not Akron. - On the road to mayor

September 17, 2015

WiFi Speed

The awesome news that Hudson is now going to officially be a Gigabit city came over yesterday: Hudson starts up high-speed gigabit internet service - Your Business - Ohio

Hudsons city owned and operated Velocity Broadband as of Tuesday started offering internet connections up to a gigabit per second 1,000 megabits per second.

To give you an idea: I spend about $100/month with Time Warner for my business and I get 10 megabits per second.

It makes it hard to have Internet phone. It makes it hard to do video conferencing. It pretty much sucks.

I am so happy for Hudson. It's super cool. 

But where's the discussion about this for Akron? Is that on anyone's table? Is that being discussed with anyone?

If I was going to move my business to a new community don't you think the available speed of Internet might be a deciding factor in where I move?

We will become a gigabit city if I become mayor. This is my business. This is the area I eat, sleep and breath.

Ask Dan Horrigan what his plan is for getting us 1000 megabits per second Internet for our businesses.

Dan Horrigan as mayor will guarantee you that nothing changes. Innovation is not his thing. If you think that's cool then definitely vote for him. 

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