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Day 99: This is how change starts. - On the road to mayor

September 16, 2015

Ram wearing spectacles.

I missed a call and text last night about 10:15. 

When I woke up this morning I was able to put the whole story together through text, Facebook and some Facebook messages. 

A homeless guy I, and two other friends, Bill Wise and Jon Batten (who I met through Conservative News Authority), are friends with found himself in jail. 

It's actually the guy who did the interview I posted on Day 71. 

The three of them all went to high school together.  Bill spent all night helping his friend get bailed out of jail. 

He posted a detailed account on Facebook of his experience with the people at the City of Akron Clerk Of Courts office.

The long and short of it was: His experience was terrible.

  • He called ahead to get the correct amount for bail. They gave him the wrong amount.
  • They only accept cash so he had to run back to the bank machine in the middle of the night.
  • The workers were slow, unfriendly and inefficient.
  • He described them as "almost inhuman and robot like."
  • Questions went unanswered.

And this was all in the middle of the night. No one else was in the office. It wasn't like they were busy.

He also makes a point of saying that he's never experienced dealing with the City of Akron Clerk of Courts.

That's the thing.

Most people that get their voices heard don't experience things like:

  • Posting bail in the middle of the night.
  • Meeting with probation officers.
  • Trying to get disability payments.

All of these city services serve the weak and voiceless. So the way they treat people can largely go unnoticed. 

But now Bill is mad. 

He's not going to take this lying down.

He's going to start making calls and start talking to people.

And if I had to guess... he'll probably make a difference.

His experience is so important. This is what getting involved does. It gives the weak and voiceless a voice.

If you experienced what he experienced at Target or Chili's you'd never go back. Or you'd complain like hell. Probably both.

When we start to help the little people in our communities we can begin to see what they go through. It might piss you off. And maybe you'll do something about it.

Thank you for helping our friend last night, Bill! I know you are really tired today from being up all night dealing with that ridiculous process. But please don't let it go. 

You can make a difference for many people in our community.

Thank you for getting involved.

This is truly how change starts.

Please support Conservative News Authority. They are just getting their political channel off the ground. They are doing really cool interviews. They've got a powerful understand of politics. 


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