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Day 14 My Mayoral Candidate Petitions Were Denied. HERE'S MY ANSWER The Road To Mayor

June 22, 2015



Today the Summit Count Board of Elections officially announced what petitions they approved and what petitions they didn't approve.

I had 65 out of the 50 needed signatures needed to run for Mayor. They accepted 41 of my signatures.

Natural Hunka Kaboom, the other outsider, submitted 53 signatures. They accepted 14.

The other four insider Democratic candidates all had their signatures validated. Surprise surprise!

This petitions process has so far been the most bizarre thing I've maybe ever experienced.

As a business person I make it a point to never underestimate my competition. But I didn't expect the Board of Elections to be "competition."

We learned today that if a petition has any white out on it then ALL the signatures on that page are thrown out.

We never were told about white out and it is nowhere in any paperwork. 

We saw one candidate for another election turn in petitions that were confirmed to have less than the needed signatures as he was standing at the desk. They just took his signatures and his $45. Of course he was denied.

Here's the thing: I think the workers at the Board of Elections are terrified.

It feels almost like Darth Vader is lurking in the background overhearing every word they say.

I asked them if it was possible to run as an Independent if my Democratic petitions were denied. Their response: You need to talk to a lawyer.

There is something very strange going on at the Summit County Board of Elections. The people that work there are truly kind and as helpful as they feel they can be. But I'm telling you there is a strange, ominous force lurking in the background.

The whole place just feels lawyered up.

So, can I run as an Independent? I have no idea.

But I know one thing: I'm doing it. We already had one Mayor quit. I'm not a quitter.

I'll get the cleanest 367 signatures in by September 7 any Independent has ever seen.

And I'm going to do it by meeting the people. I'm going to do it by having hot dog and soda events. I'm going to do it by registering new voters. 

If you want to have a hot dog and soda event in your community just say the word. I'll bring the hot dogs, grill and soda pop. You bring the people.

I need between 367 and 1500 signatures. They make it really hard on Independents. But I'll just use it as a chance to meet more people.

Any help you can offer to help me get the 367 signatures of registered Akron voters please let me know.

You don't have to vote for me. But I think it just makes sense to have more choices instead of less.

See you around town!


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