Sage Against The Machine

Day 13 – It’s Not Republican vs Democrat – The Road To Mayor

Deciding to run for mayor has instantly given me the opportunity to talk with all sorts of people. 

What I’ve quickly found is that we all, no matter the party, have more in common than not. 

  • We don’t want others to suffer
  • We want less crime
  • We want to be safe
  • We want our kids to get a good education 
  • We want a shot at achieving the American dream
  • We want the right to own property 
  • We don’t want the government to randomly take our stuff 

I’m sure I could come up with many more. 

But no one talks about those things. 

We only hear about the things that separate us. (I’m not even going to mention them because the very words  will make your heart quicken. We’ve been conditioned to get angry just hearing certain words.) 

It’s not conservatives against liberals that we need to worry about. I believe it’s the 2 major parties that are the real danger. 

They keep us at each others’ throats so they can continue to maintain their power. 

But here is the thing: I truly believe we could begin to see the weakening of the parties. 

We really don’t need them anymore. 

Any politician can cheaply and easily publish their platform ideas online. They can make videos and have conversations with massive amounts of people. 

We don’t need a political party to help communicate the values we are supposed to follow. 

We all have enough access to information and intelligence to make up our own minds. Political parties were made for people who didn’t possess the ability to make up their own minds. 

I believe we will see a day when being part of a major political party will signify that, as a politician, you care more about doing what the party wants you to do than what the people who elected you want you to do. 

I have no allegiance to any party. The Democrats haven’t even so much as emailed to say thanks for running. (But of course they wouldn’t. They only want Dan Horrigan to win. Probably because they know he’ll do what they want.)

I will only be true to the people.