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Day 12 The One Thing We All Want The Road To Mayor

June 21, 2015

I had the opportunity to check out Celebration Church on Dan St. here in Akron today. 

A friend of mine's kid was having his high school graduation party there. 

The graduate's grandfather is a minister. I got a chance to talk with him for some time. 

We got on the topic of what people want. As the leader of a church or city it is the responsibility of the leader to serve the community as best they can. 

This becomes a challenge because often people want different things. 

  • Lower taxes
  • More services 
  • Better schools 
  • More jobs

Doing one of those things will more than likely negatively impact one of the other things. 

He solved this conundrum in his church by focusing heavily on one particular thing: FREEDOM. 

  • Freedom from fear
  • Freedom from doubt
  • Freedom from debt 
  • Freedom from low self esteem 
  • Freedom from hatred and anger 

When you become free of these things you can begin living a life of faith. A life of hope. 

He helps his church move down a path of faith and hope by giving them power, self esteem and confidence. 

Churches and governments can both help people achieve these things but in different ways.

Obviously, it is the function of a city to provide services that protect and help facilitate a great community in which to live. 

But good leadership should also include helping the community envision what things could be like in the future. It is a simple leader that only wants to put out fires of things right before his eyes. 

It is my sincere hope that as mayor I can inspire all community leaders to work together to help all their individual communities move in the same direction of giving all the people of Akron the freedom to live a life of hope and faith. 

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