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My Initial Take on Natural Hunka Kaboom

June 20, 2015


My handlers have all been trying to persuade me to go easy on my desire to support Natural's campaign. 

One of the first things I told them was that we should help him with his campaign. Strategically, it's a risk.

So I'm sure they are going to cringe as they see this post come over.

I will say: I don't yet know the guy. I know just about as much as you. I just watched his WKYC interview.

My initial thought is that he comes across as very well spoken. I like his ideas of keeping vacant lots mowed. And pot... that's a topic for another time (my view on it is a bit complicated is all).

But whether I agree with Nutural's initiatives is not the point.

The point is: We need more people like Nutural Hunka Kaboom taking a stand and getting out there. It's easy to criticize. It's a whole other thing to get out there and take a stand yourself.

We need more average people running for all kinds of office. George Washington, Thomas Jefferson and James Madison (some super genius revolutionaries) invented an entire government around the radical idea that the people can govern themselves.

I believe those three guys would love that Natural is running for mayor of Akron.

The problem is we have handed most of our power over to the Republican and Democratic parties. THEY are the ones sending down the message that we need "experienced" politicians. That message is how they stay in power. 

The Democratic Party and Republican Party are the most powerful entities in the United States. 

It's not Republicans against Democrats. That's the fight they are constantly trying to make us have. The fight is the people against the political machine.

You might not want to vote for Natural Hunka Kaboom because his values don't align with your values. 

But we all should take a little inspiration from Natural. He is doing exactly what the founding fathers wanted us to do. 

For the People. By the People.

Here's a link to his interview:

Street preacher with strange name runs for Akron Mayor

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