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Day 11 This CAN Happen The Road To Mayor

June 20, 2015

11 days in and my mind is flooded with things I should do to run a successful campaign for the office of Akron mayor. 

The help I have been given within 11 days is breath taking. Amazing. That's all I can say.

I don't under estimate the tried and true activities of running an Akron mayoral campaign. But there's something we all need to keep in mind: We haven't really tested the system for 28 years.

The last time there was a new mayor in town was in 1987. And before that the mayor was fellow candidate for mayor this time around: Tom Sawyer. 


In 1987 phones plugged into walls. (That phone above had a talk time of about 45 minutes and cost about $3000.) You were just able to buy disposable contact lenses. 

The IBM PS/2: 25 Years of PC History | PCWorld

IBM announced four PS/2 models during its April 1987 launch: the Model 30, 50, 60, and 80. They ranged dramatically in power and price; on the low end, the Model 30 (roughly equivalent to a PC XT) contained an 8MHz 8086 CPU, 640KB of RAM, and a 20MB hard drive, and retailed for $2295 (about $4642 in 2012 dollars when adjusted for inflation).

(I'm writing this on a Chromebook with 4 GIGS of RAM, 9 hours of battery life, connects to something called "The Web" and cost a little over $200. That would be about $99 in 1987.)

I tell you this because we live in a VERY different world.

People have power never before seen in the history of humanity to unite globally and locally and make their voice matter.

Today people matter more than the Republican and Democratic parties. 

There is a power shift happening in every facet of life.

A guy like me in 1987 probably would have never stood a chance running for mayor. In 2015 a guy like Sage Lewis definitely can be mayor.

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