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Day 26 - July 4 - Henry Knox - On The Road To Mayor

July 4, 2015

Simply put: The American Revolution was bad ass. 

We stood up to the mighty British Empire. And ultimately we won. 

I highly recommend "1776" by David McCullough

My favorite player in the Revolutionary War was Henry Knox. 

We had captured Fort Ticonderoga and Knox was to deliver all the ammunitions to the Continental Army camps outside Boston, Massachusetts during the winter of 17751776.

From here: 

Knox went to Ticonderoga in November 1775, and, over the course of 3 winter months, moved 60 tons of cannons and other armaments by boat, horse and ox-drawn sledges, and manpower, along poor-quality roads, across two semi-frozen rivers, and through the forests and swamps of the lightly inhabited Berkshires to the Boston area.  Historian Victor Brooks has called Knox's exploit "one of the most stupendous feats of logistics" of the entire American Revolutionary War.

The journey was insane. 

At one point a huge cannon fell through the ice of a lake and sunk to the bottom. They were able to get a hold of it and drag it back to land. 

He overcame unbelievable obstacles and delivered the ammunitions. 

His experience as an ammunitions expert: He owned a bookstore and liked to read about ammunitions. 

This says so much about so much. 

Washington was able to see through his lack of experience and see the character of the man. 

Will and determination can overcome unbelievable odds. And that was the theme of the entire American Revolution. 

It is possible to overcome all the powers that be and stop tyranny. 

Change happens by first believing change can happen. 

You live in a country that was created by that fundamental truth. 

Be the change you want to see. 

Happy July 4th you awesome people!

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