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Day 27 - The Voice of the People - The Road To Mayor

July 5, 2015


There is a massive revolt happening in the world right now. And you might not be aware of it. 

Reddit is on fire. 

If you aren't familiar with Reddit I'd tell you to go. But much of it has been shut down. By the people. 

Over 265 "Subreddits" have been turned private by the moderators, making them inaccessible. 

Subreddits are categories for different topics. Some are much more popular than others. 

All of these Subreddits are run by volunteer moderators. 

This week Reddit fired Victoria Taylor, director of talent. 

The people loved her. She oversaw lining up people for the wildly popular Ask Me Anything (AMA) Subreddit. 

This angered the volunteer moderators. But it then set off a revolt because of poor moderation tools and taking moderators for granted. 

The responses by management have been less than great. They sound like typical business people saying typical business crap. 

This is angering the people even more. 

What is important to remember here is that the people made reddit what it was when they were ignored over at Digg

There was a mass exodus at Digg and then Reddit became what it was. 

My prediction is that Reddit is over and Voat will be the new place people go. 

This is wildly interesting to me because even at a place like Reddit where the people hold all the cards management still doesn't get it. 

They act behind closed doors. You can sense their feeling of superiority. 

And as their community virtually burns to the ground they can't change. 

They are so out of touch with how to talk, listen and work with the people they will lose everything. 

Welcome to American politics. 

The approval rating of congress is around 16%. And nothing is changing. 

African Americans are being continually shot in the streets by police. And nothing is changing. 

Our schools are broken. And nothing is changing. 

America has more people in prison than anywhere in the world. And nothing is changing. 

The people are not being listened to. 

I believe I can change that in Akron. 

I will be the voice of the people. 

I will also look to you for you answers. 

But you can't tell me we need roads like the Autobahn and then not tell me how to pay for it. 

We need to talk to each other adult to adult. We need to be equals. 

Someone yesterday suggested we talk with the polymer school at the University of Akron to see if they might have a solution to our pothole problem. 

Now that's an idea!

We are the center of the universe of polymers. We should really look at how we can make use of that amazing resource. 

The communication tools are all here. We can have constant discussions to address our biggest problems. 

As mayor, I will be your voice. I will do your will. This isn't about me. It's about you. 

Paid For By The People for Sage Lewis

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