Sage Against The Machine

Day 35 – Auctions – On The Road To Mayor

Based on this blog, you might be surprised to know that I actually run several businesses. 

SageRock is my bread and butter. It’s a digital marketing agency that my wife, Rocky, and I founded in 1999. We moved SageRock from Medina to Akron about 11 years ago. We ran it out of our house, then we rented space in the Ice and Coal warehouse from Mike Owen. And our last move was about 6 years ago when we bought 15 Broad St. 

SageRock has given us a lot. We get to travel. We get to work with great companies. And we get to be really good at something. 

It also has given us the opportunity to start some other businesses. 

We started a roofing company last summer. And I’m also working to become an auctioneer. 

Auctioning is really interesting to me because I feel like it’s an industry that could use some innovation and updating. 

I’m an apprentice auctioneer under Chuck Kreiner. 

I went to the Kentucky School of Auctioneering. I took a test in Columbus. And then I need to call 12 auctions for a year. Finally I then take one more test and I become a full fledged auctioneer under the eyes of the state of Ohio. 

Yesterday, Sunday, I got to help call an estate auction in Alliance. Auctions tend to be a little more popular down south. 

I went to a lot of auctions as a kid. I spent the first 7 years growing up in the country of Medina County. 

Then today Chuck and I did our regular online auction at You can either come in person or online and participate in our auction. 

We have basically created a live auction show where you can bid online. 

I love innovating and trying to contribute to an industry in a meaningful way. 

I rarely just start a business merely to make money. I love creating. 

So, today was mostly a work day. I did get to write this post. And Greg and I got to do our regular strategy meetings. 

I’m very fortunate in that I prefer to be in a situation with many different things going on. 

When things feel chaotic to others that’s when I really start to feel alive.