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Day 4 - WAKR - The Road To Mayor

June 13, 2015


I was so excited about day 4 (Friday, June 12 2015) that I couldn't sleep.

Indy and I had just went to check out Jurassic World at the HIghland Theater the night before. It was so good I couldn't stop thinking about it.

But at 9am on day 4 I was to have my first radio interview at 1590 WAKR with Ray Horner.

While public speaking is a comfortable activity for me, my Akron Mayoral thoughts and words are not solidified yet. I didn't know how it was going to turn out.

It went great!

Ray was awesome. The studio was awesome and I felt like, while my words will get tightened up, my thoughts are starting to solidify.

Here's the audio interview if you'd like to hear it: AUDIO: Sage Lewis Throws His Hat In Mayoral Ring

The #1 question every candidate will get asked is:

Why are you running for Akron Mayor?

That's the money question. In business that's what we call your elevator speech. You need to answer that question clearly and directly in 30 seconds or less (the amount of time you'd spend on an elevator).

I'm running for Akron Mayor for 3 reasons:

  1. The "experienced" political professionals are dropping the ball. They aren't acting like you would think an experienced, professional should act. I think we need something better than the experienced, professional politicians we've been handed.
  2. The larger, national political scene is messed up. We can't forget that America was founded on the brave, optimistic principle that the people can govern themselves. In a time of monarchs, George Washington, Thomas Jefferson and James Madison said: We don't need monarchs. The people are capable of ruling themselves. Europe laughed at us (just as I was laughed at getting my signatures to run for mayor). Our founding fathers were right! The people can and should run their own government. But that's not what we are seeing. The Bush / Clinton monarchies are running the show. We need more common people in government. I'm here to remind Akron and America of that fact.
  3. I'm a tech entrepreneur. I know a lot about starting businesses and working in the most leading edge technologies in the world today. I want to inspire a great entrepreneurial, innovation culture in Akron. Today the best thoughts and ideas can and do happen anywhere. They can happen in Akron.

So, I said something along those lines.

Then the #2 question:

As an outsider what experience do you have to be mayor?

My answer: I own multiple businesses. I own commercial property. I have been in business for myself for over 15 years. I work with small businesses and I work with global enterprises. Every Monday morning, our little marketing company in Akron Ohio has a weekly call with a huge multinational, global supplier in Sweden as their preferred global digital marketing partner. I have worked with companies, organizations and small businesses all over the world.

While Clerk of Courts is an important job. My question is: How does that experience prepare them for the job of mayor.

There is only one candidate that can provide a good answer to that question: Tom Sawyer. He was elected Mayor of Akron in 1983. None of us can beat that.

This "experience" question is a trap constructed by the establishment. They invented it to keep guys like me out of the race. They don't have experience. They have cronyism. The have decades of back room deals they have made that they'll have to pay off if they win a big election.

As an outsider I don't have that. I don't owe anybody anything.

Nobody, but Tom, has experience. The question is: Who's background and ideas will help move Akron forward. I honestly believe I have the best answer to that question: I can help Akron grow and thrive through innovation, tech and entrepreneurship.


Wow. That wasn't what I planned for this post. The more I do this the more excited I am about the prospect of me actually winning this thing. I think there is a path to that happening.

In the afternoon, Rock, Indy, Sparky (our dog) and I drove down to Hocking Hills for a weekend of camping. I'm writing this in front of our pop-up camper.

We came down with some friends. They have some political experience.

They gave me great ideas on:

  • Fundraising events I could have.
  • Key people I can talk to in Akron politics that have similar values to mine.
  • Yard sign strategy.

And then I finished the day by reading a chapter in How To Win A Local Election, Revised: A Complete Step-by-Step Guide: Judge Lawrence Grey

I'm already loving it. The idea I read about last night was: know how many votes you need to win. It might not be as many as you think. Then they tell you how to come up with that number.

That chapter alone changed my perspective on this race. I am a digital marketer with a deep understanding of analytics and conversion analysis. Basically, I have trained for the last 15 years how to win votes.

Which leads me to day 5...

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